Chimney Services

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Chimney FAQ:

Do you do all kinds of chimney and roofing repair?
Yes, Top Notch is a full service Chimney and Construction Company.

What do you charge for Estimates on Chimney repairs or Construction Work?
We supply a free no obligation Estimate in writing and are have very competitively priced.

How often should I have my fireplace cleaned?
When burning hard wood, you should have fireplace cleaned after 20 to 25 burns.

How often should I clean my furnace flue?
Oil – 1 to 1.5 years due to a lot of soot and debris that accumulates on the flue pipe.
Gas – 3 to 5years due to Carbon and Sulfur residue on the flue pipe. Carbon Monoxide draft test is important as well due to fumes being odorless and colorless.

Why do I need to have my Oil flue cleaned from the Roof down?  I thought my Oil company
handles that as part of our contract?

Most Oil Companies are not licensed to go on the Roof and only clean 2 feet up from the burner to the elbow. Most Flue pipes have another 28 feet of flue pipe that goes up to the Chimney that needs cleaning.  By cleaning from the Roof down you clear the passage way for potential blockages and allow the Oil burner to run more efficiently to help save on your Oil bills.